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Twitter Essentials for Contractor Marketing

Contractor Marketing TwitterIt only takes 140 characters to reach thousands of potential leads. Contractor marketing has never been easier than it is today with powerful speaking platforms like Twitter. Your customer reach is endless, and you have all the control.

Using Twitter can help you reach an audience you never thought existed. Your visibility is immediate to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Strike up a conversation, answer a question, advertise your company every day—all for free.

Contractors are very mobile and busy, and so is Twitter. You don’t have to be at your office to find leads. They’re right at your fingertips, waiting for your response.

So now, it’s time to respond and make a name for yourself. Let’s go over some essentials of Twitter marketing for contractors.

Hashtags, Mentions, and Replies

Last week I spoke about the importance of Facebook marketing for contractors. Twitter is just as important.

A great way to look at Twitter is that it acts as an abundantly active platform that is open to conversations with anyone. People are searching for answers, asking questions, and sharing ideas.

In other words, your target market is on Twitter—you just have to go get ‘em. How do you do that? By optimizing your page and making your business visible!

A fully optimized Twitter page will have all your business essentials on it. Make sure your company name, contact information, and logo are apparent and that the link to your website is clear. Keep your description clutter-free and to the point.

After using Twitter for a while, you’ll hear the term hashtag. So, what exactly is a hashtag? Hashtags are the easy way to find conversations and tweets that share the same topic.

A simple hashtag search of say, #Boisecontractors will bring up all tweets with that exact hashtag.

contractor marketing hashtag

Hashtags allow you to engage people with a friendly conversation. People don’t know you can help them unless you tell them you can.

Using hashtags correctly and methodically will help you find your target market.

Once you have started a conversation, replies are known as mentions. All mentions will be in your notification box, and you can simply hit the reply button to respond.

Twitter handles are preceded with the @ symbol to specifically identify the business or person. You will see this every time you’re mentioned.

Keep it Short, Sweet, and Appealing

Twitter only allows you 140 characters, so remember: brevity is the soul of wit. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and on Twitter it could be worth thousands of dollars. Make your photo priceless.

Links are very powerful, and people love to click them. Make sure to post links in the middle of your tweet, and use shortened links. is a great site to shorten links. Are you sensing a theme here?

Twitter is a powerful tool used for inbound marketing. Tweet your way to success, and combine it with inbound marketing to best capitalize on those leads you get. Download our “Inbound Marketing Checklist for Contractors” get started.

To your inbound marketing success!


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