Purchase Policies

Thank you for being a client of Inbound Systems! The policies and Agreement outlined on this page apply to you when making a purchase from us.

Return Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please notify us first and immediately. We are willing to do whatever we can to make sure you are happy. This may include repair, upgrade and replacement of the product or service. Shipping, labor, artwork design, software, and other charges may or may not apply depending on the options that we are able to provide you. Since our products and services are either customized, involve labor and/or are digital, all sales are final and are not refundable or returnable unless otherwise advertised. Special exceptions to this rule may apply at our sole and exclusive discretion. Please, before making your purchase with us, be confident the product or service fits your needs.

Cancellation Policy

Depending on your purchase, your cancellation terms will differ.

Products & Services: You may request to cancel your order at anytime, however, acceptance of such cancellation is at our sole and exclusive discretion. Any refunds associated with your cancellation will also be decided at our sole and exclusive discretion.

Recurring Subscriptions: These include recurring search marketing services, web hosting, email marketing, text marketing, newsletters, software, and other ongoing services. Terminating your subscription service requires an advanced 30 day email notice to [email protected] from the email address on your account with us and a confirmation that we have received your notice. If the start of a new billing period falls within this 30 day period, the full amount for the billing period will still be due and payable. We will continue to provide your ongoing service until the final day. If you are on a multi-month Agreement and wish to terminate it early, a cancellation fee will be due and payable equal to 25% of the remaining fees in the Agreement unless otherwise specified in writing. The 30 day email notice policy still applies.



a) The purpose of this Agreement is to engage Inbound Systems and its affiliated companies (“Company”) as the exclusive Internet Marketing (“IM”) firm to perform services for you (“Client”) in exchange for valuable consideration and mutual covenants hereinafter set forth.


b) The parties of this Agreement are the Company and Client and all correspondence should be directed to the party’s respective representative at their address, e-mail, and telephone number.


a) Company specializes in a variety of web services, web consulting, search engine optimization, online advertising, social media, email marketing, content creation, internet marketing services, and other technical services. The Client understands and permits Company to exercise its best judgment and good faith to utilize any of its services to perform the requested services according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement with the goal of improving the traffic to the Client’s website.

b) The Client understands that IM is a dynamic and ever-changing process that requires Company to utilize many different services, at different times and with different frequency, in response to changes in the marketing environment.

c) Some, but not necessarily all, of the services which may be utilized for the Client are enumerated below. Actual services utilized will be listed in the invoice(s) from the Company.

i. Search engine optimization services for Client’s website visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

ii. Campaign management of pay-per-click and other online advertising methods.

iii. Social media and blog content creation and/or management.

iv. Research keywords and phrases to target appropriate and relevant search terms.

v. Edit text for various html tags, meta data, page titles, and page text as necessary.

vi. Analyze and implement website structure, navigation, HTML code, etc..

vii. Provide reports for the website and performance of IM services.

viii. Some websites offer expedited listing services for a fee. If Client wishes to engage in said expedited listing services (e.g., paid directories), Client is responsible for all paid-for-inclusion or expedited service fees.

ix. Additional Services not listed herein (such as copywriting, email marketing, etc.) may be provided at an additional cost and shall be invoiced by the Company.


a) IM requires cooperation between the Client and Company. The Client will use good faith and fair dealing in providing the following to Company:

i. Payment of fees as set forth within this Agreement and payments of fees for applicable third party organizations (e.g. Google AdWords for advertising budget).

ii. Administrative/backend access to applicable websites for analysis and optimization of content and strategies.

iii. Permission to make changes to the Website for the purpose of the IM services.

iv. Unlimited access to existing website traffic statistics and other applicable internet-based platforms for analysis, tracking and implementation purposes.

v. Authorization to use client pictures, logos, trademarks, website images, pamphlets, content, etc., for any use as deemed necessary by Company for IM purposes.

vi. Any other natural and foreseeable permissions, authorizations, and uses which are associated with any service provided by Company.


a) All fees are non-refundable unless specified in writing and signed by Company.


a) Company and Client agree that all fee arraignments, services, documents, recommendations, and reports are confidential and are to be used solely by the intended party.


a) The Client acknowledges that Company has no control over the policies of third-party websites and search engines or their enforcement with respect to the type of sites and/or content that they accept now or in the future. The Client relieves Company of any and all liabilities or claims which may occur due to actions taken by outside parties which result in the Client’s website being excluded from any website or search engine at any time.

b) The Client acknowledges the risk that search engines have been known to hinder the visibility of websites (or pages) and/or drop listings for no apparent or predictable reason.

i. In the event that a listing be dropped during the term of this Agreement but does not reappear within 30 days, Company will provide additional IM services to help in the relisting of the site. Client agrees to hold Company harmless for ranking/traffic/indexing issues related to such occurrences.

ii. Linking to “bad neighborhoods” or getting links from “link farms” can seriously damage all IM efforts. Client agrees to hold Company harmless in the event the Client or a third-party chooses point links from any particular website to the Client’s website without prior consultation.

c) Company is not responsible for changes made to the website by other parties which adversely affect the performance of the IM services being provided.

d) Company is not responsible for Client overwriting changes made to the Website. (e.g., Client/webmaster uploading over work already provided/optimized). Client will be charged an additional fee for reconstructing fixing such changes.


a) Client guarantees all elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork provided to Company for inclusion on the website above are owned by Client, or that Client has received permission from the rightful owner(s) to use each of the elements, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend Company and its assignees from any and all liability arising from the use of such elements.


a) Company reserves the right to assign subagreementors to this project in order to insure a satisfactory and timely completion.


a) Initial and recurring payments shall be paid by Client via credit card or, if accepted by Company, check and/or electronic check. Recurring payments shall be processed on an automatic and regular basis as invoiced by the Company.


a) In the event a payment is late, Company will notify the Client via e-mail of their delinquency and allow a ten (10) day grace period “Grace Period” for Client to bring their account current without penalty.


a) If Client fails to pay the balance due on their account after the Grace Period, Company is authorized to take down any web page developed or designed and uploaded to a web hosting server. This includes the work completed and links acquired on external sites for optimization purposes.

i. Files will be re-uploaded after the balance is paid.

b) If Client cannot bring their account current then Company is authorized to seek collection of any unpaid amounts, including any usury rates, fees, attorney’s fees, or other cost by use of a collection agency.


a) The initial term of this Agreement shall be agreed upon in writing or specified on the invoice from the Company. If no term is specified, the default initial term of this Agreement shall be for a period of 12 months.

b) After the initial term of this Agreement, the services being provided by the Company, the payments being made by the Client, and the terms of this Agreement shall remain in effect until cancelled by either party.

c) Termination by Company:

i. Company will have the option to terminate this Agreement at any time without refund of paid fees to the client or damages.

d) Termination by Client:

i. Client may terminate this Agreement at any time with thirty (30) days written notice to the Company by sending an email to [email protected]. If such termination is prior to the last day of the initial term of this Agreement, Client agrees to pay an early termination fee equal to 25% of the remaining balance of this Agreement.


a) This Agreement reflects the full and entire understanding of the parties at the execution date of of this Agreement. No additional previous documents or verbal communications may be used to supplement any terms or conditions of this document.


a) Client may at any time add to this Agreement services provided by Company with an electronic confirmation of such services being added with an updated fee schedule.

b) This Agreement may be modified at any time, in writing, and signed by both parties.


a) A breach of Agreement occurs when:

i. Client fails to pay bills when due (including grace period).

ii. Client fails to perform their responsibilities within this Agreement.

Whether through written or electronic communication, by making a purchase from Company, Client acknowledges, understands and agrees to the terms as outlined in this Agreement, that any dispute shall only be submitted to arbitration in the State of Idaho in Ada County and that the Client has had the opportunity to consult with an attorney before entering this Agreement.