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Contractor Marketing 2-Minute Tuesday: Yellow Pages for Contractors – Why I’m Not a Fan

Welcome to Contractor Marketing, “Two-Minute Tuesday,” I’m Brodie Tyler with Inbound Systems and I’m bringing you the quickest, most valuable, and most profitable two minutes of your week.

Today, in under two minutes, I’m going over Yellow Pages for Contractors and why I’m not a fan.

Ready. Set. Go!

Alright, when I’m talking about Yellow Pages for contractors, I’m referring to the YP Search program they have; and that’s basically where they provide you as a contractor with a turnkey website; a website that’s separate from yours. They market and promote that particular website and are able to track phone calls and leads that go through that website they built specifically for your YP Search program.

I don’t like this program and here’s why: You’re basically marketing a website that you don’t own. You’re investing in a property that’s not yours. It’s owned by YP Search, by the Yellow Pages. That’s not a good thing. If you think about owning a house versus renting a house, it’s the same type of benefits. I like their program, if they would just use it for your website and not the one they build for you.

Anyway, the reason why I don’t like it is because it creates a duplicate website. If you have your main website and then your YP Search website, you create this environment that’s confusing to the search engines. They don’t know which one is yours so as a result, they’re not going to give you as good visibility in their search results. Why would you want to risk confusing Google, when that’s a great way to generate leads from the internet?

And then once you stop paying for the services, you stop getting the service. So again, if you’re renting a house you’re paying for that house but you’re not getting any equity out of it. Same thing with a YP Search website. You pay into this program, this website and the promotion of it and as soon as you stop paying for it, it’s done. You don’t get any long-lasting effects. Like you would with Inbound Marketing.

That’s it for today! Thanks for watching, Contractor Marketing, “Two-Minute Tuesday.”

To your inbound marketing success!

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