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Contractor Marketing 2-Minute Tuesday: What are the Pros and Cons of Houzz for Contractors?

Welcome to Contractor Marketing, “Two-Minute Tuesday,” I’m Brodie Tyler with Inbound Systems and I’m bringing you the quickest, most valuable, and most profitable two minutes of your week.

Today, in under two minutes, I’m answering the question, “What are the pros and cons of Houzz, for contractors?”

Ready. Set. Go!

So first up, the pros – why I like Houzz for contractors.

#1 – It’s a free showcase. You’re able to display the projects you’ve done for other clients, at absolutely no cost. You can set up a free account, upload those photos, and get free advertising, basically out of Houzz.

Their visitor base is amazing! They have over 25 million visitors, per month, 90% of whom are homeowners. The average value of their home is $450,000. Their income is also about $124,000 per year; so these are people with money, and people that are visiting the site are obviously in the market for a remodel or some other project, with the money to do it. So, it’s a good way to get in front of that audience.

#2 – They also have Q&A discussions where these wealthy, well-off homeowners can ask contractors questions and you can go on there and answer those questions. The more involved you are with Houzz and answering questions like that, the more exposure Houzz is going to give your contracting business. They’re going to reward you with that exposure.

No for the cons – what I don’t like about Houzz.

#1 – It’s primarily visual. So if you happen to be in a contracting niche where the end projects are not really cool and not very visually appealing, then Houzz isn’t going to benefit you as much.

#2 – Attribution – Houzz isn’t very good at showing who the contractor was that uploaded those photos; so the visitor may have to seek it out a little more.

#3 –  Paid exposure – It can get expensive to pay-to-play on Houzz, if you’re in a bigger market, in a bigger city. It depends on what your competition is doing. But if you can get an ROI, great!

That’s it! Thanks for watching today’s Contractor Marketing, “Two-Minute Tuesday”


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