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Contractor Marketing 2-Minute Tuesday: Should We Hire an In-House Marketing Person?

Welcome to Contractor Marketing, “Two-Minute Tuesday,” I’m Brodie Tyler with Inbound Systems and I’m bringing you the quickest, most valuable, and most profitable two minutes of your week.

Today, in under two minutes, I’m answering the question, “Should we hire an in-house marketing person?”

Ready. Set. Go!

Ok, so I’m a big believer that, yes – you should hire an in-house marketing person. I run and operate an Inbound Marketing firm and we work for contractors all across the nation and those contractors that have an in-house person dedicated to their marketing have campaigns that run smoother; and we get better results.

Let me give you the pros and cons of hiring an in-house marketing person:

First of all, one less hat. You as a business owner or even if you’re an office manager, you’re wearing multiple hats in your business. In marketing, with all do respect, shouldn’t be one of them. If you hire an Inbound Marketing person, then that’s one less hat you have to wear. It doesn’t mean that you’re not involved in your marketing, you just don’t have to be full responsible for implementing that marketing.

Efficiency – When we have someone in-house that is dedicated to the marketing campaign, then things get done faster. Emails get responded to more quickly and overall the campaign runs more efficiently.

Perspective – The nice thing about bringing in someone else for your marketing is that they can give their ideas and expertise in a different perspective on the campaign. What we can do to improve it.

Now for the cons:

Yes there is an overhead. You have that salary, but it’s with the idea that you’re going to get a return on investment.

Communication – Sometimes, the person you hire may not be a great communicator. So, sometimes we see that as a problem with in-house marketing people.

And finally, vision. Their vision may not match yours and when we see that, that’s where it causes problems within the campaign. Some of these cons are not really cons they can just be handled in a different manner.

That’s it! Thanks for watching, Contractor Marketing, “Two-Minute Tuesday”

To your inbound marketing success!

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