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Contractor Marketing 2-Minute Tuesday: Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

“Welcome to Contractor Marketing, Two-Minute-Tuesday! I’m Brodie Tyler with Inbound Systems and I’m bringing you the quickest, most valuable, and most profitable two minutes of your week.

Today, in under two minutes, I’m going over the topic, “How to use outbound with inbound marketing, for contractors.”

Ready, Set, Go!

Ok, let’s review the tools first. The tools you use with outbound marketing are: billboards, TV, radio, print ads, and direct mail. All the traditional types of marketing, right? Well, with inbound marketing, you have landing pages, lead magnets, blogs, social media, and autoresponders. These are more modern and more web-based than outbound marketing.

Now, you may be utilizing outbound marketing in your business, and that’s ok! As long as it’s profitable, right? I’m going to show you some ideas that you can use to make your outbound marketing even more profitable.

So, right now you may have a print ad in the newspaper, a direct mail piece that you send out, and a billboard; and the call-to-action on those is, “call for a free estimate” or “call now.”

These can be very difficult to make profitable, because you have to time it just right. Right when the prospect needs YOUR services, they need to be receiving that direct mail piece, or driving by your billboard. And that’s nearly impossible. Which is why it’s good to implement inbound marketing tactics.

So, let me show you HOW to do that!

Instead of just your phone number and a “call now,” you want to send them to a landing page; this is a webpage where you capture their contact information, in exchange for something of value to them; like a report or checklist. At this point, you have their contact information and they become a “lead” for your sales team or just to follow up with, with emails until they are ready to buy. Maybe it takes them a while and you want to send them to another landing page with another offer or lead magnet.

The whole idea here is to nurture those leads until they are ready to buy your services. You don’t have to time it perfectly and that’s a BIG benefit of inbound marketing!

Well, that’s it for today’s Contractor Marketing, Two-Minute-Tuesday!

Thanks for watching!”

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To your inbound marketing success!


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