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Contractor answers homeowner questions

Why Spending Extra Time on Homeowner Questions is a Good Investment

What separates you from your competition? How do you stand out from other contractors? According to my most successful contractor clients, it’s your willingness to answer questions from homeowners. I don’t mean answering questions on your own time or whenever you get around to it, and I don’t mean giving half-baked, under researched answers when […]

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Email newsletter

Email Marketing for Your Dental Practice [Guide]

Are you having trouble capturing leads with your website? Are you having trouble converting leads into patients? Do you often feel like you’re not properly marketing yourself to existing patients? Do you feel like they’re forgetting you?   If so, let me pose a few more questions: Does your dental practice have an email list? […]

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Online reviews for dentists

Ignoring Your Online Reviews? Your Funeral.

How often do you think about your practice’s online reviews? Do they keep you up at night, or do you ignore them out of convenience? Or maybe your patients consistently love you, so you don’t worry too much about what they’re saying online. Online reviews for dentists are now more important than ever. Before someone […]

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Real Dentists

10 Real Blog Ideas for Real Dentists

“If you want to market your business online, you need a blog.” You’ve probably heard and read that phrase a dozen times, but how does it actually apply to you? How does blogging for dentists even work? Clothing retailers, restaurants, photography studios, and other more “glamorous” industries have it easier, that much is true. People […]

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