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    Inbound Marketing

    How To Get More Clients, Patients Or Customers From Inbound Marketing

    Dear Entrepreneur,

    Whether you’ve heard the term inbound marketing yet or not, it’s influencing your business… I have no doubt about that because either you’re already making money from it or your competitors are!

    Remember the days when ads from the yellow pages actually brought in new business on a regular and predictable basis? Remember the time when cell phones were bricks that we just used for calling someone? Remember when we used to turn to the set of encyclopedias on our bookshelf for research instead of turning to Google?

    Yes, the internet has changed our worlds. And yet, the internet itself has changed in recent years!

    Now, relationships are forged and maintained with Facebook pages. If you want to share an idea with a friend (or even complete strangers), pin it to your Pinterest board. If you want to broadcast your message to your audience, your blog can handle it!

    With the internet being such a fast-paced environment, you’re probably wondering how to get in front of it and use it to best market your business.

    The solution? Inbound marketing.

    Learn about inbound marketing for yourself:

    Simply put, inbound marketing can make your business more profitable. I’m talking about business-changing, even life-changing stuff here!

    To your marketing success,

    Brodie Tyler

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